Pastors Arturo and Mabelith Lopez- Yurecuaro
After an incredible “born-again” experience early in the 1990’s Arturo pioneered their church in Yurecuaro, Mexico (about 1 hour form Guadalajara) in 1998, setting up folding chairs in his mothers’s driveway.  At that time there were about 100 Christian believers in the town of 17,000.  The church has now outgrown their subsequent church building and is now in the process of completing construction on their new church across the street.  In addition they are building a guest house from missionaries and visiting pastors.

With a heart for evangelism, they have pioneered two additional outreaches in Monte Leone and Rancho Verde.


Miguel was the worship leader at the church in Yurecuaro when he was called to pastor the pioneering work in Monte Leon.  House of Prayer church committed to support the pastor and their church has thrived.  Miguel has a tremendous heart for the youth and this youth ministry has greatly developed.

God has provided two parcels of property for a church building in Monte Leon, complete with utilities to the site.  The church is in process of being built.

Working in our community, helping others to better everyone